Places to Visit in Algeria : Constantine.


Famous for its dramatic bridges, the eastern Algerian city Constantine has elegant residential blocks at the edge of the gorge. Constantine, Algeria's third city is one of the grand urban places in Algeria, made by nature but embellished by man.
"you cannot introduce Constantine. It introduces itself “So wrote Malek Haddad famous algerian writer. If you want to discover the secrets of its beauty just be the lucky visitor. However Constantine is known for its andalo-arabian music called malouf.
The city was originally created by the Phoenicians, who called it Sewa (royal city). Later it was renamed Cirta, by the Numidian king Syphax, who turned it into his capital. The city was taken over by Numidia, the country of the Berber people, after the Phoenicians were defeated by Rome in the Third Punic War. In 112 BC the city was occupied by Jugurtha. Later, with the removal of King Juba I and the remaining supporters of Pompey in Africa (c. 46), Julius Caesar g…

Don't Go to Algeria ! watch the video to see why

Today i am going to share with you a video Explaining why you should not go to Algeria !

Places to Visit in Algeria : Bejaia.

Bejaia, is a City Located in the Mediterranean coast line, it's name derives from the French word " Candle", Bejaia Gives a vast choice of places to go, and alot of activities to do while you are there.

1/Gouraya National Park : you can Discover the park and Enjoy Extraordinary Views in a paved way made special for tourists

The National Park is well known for its Monkeys( macaques), they are adorable and curious.. but be careful, they can be dangerous sometimes !
2/Cape Carbon : if you are looking for Natural Landscape and sea.. Cap Carbon Gives you Both ! you can go do there walking the Toursit paved way which we talked about previously, and i assure you, you are going to love the View of the lighthouse 220 metres above sea level. here are some pictures...

3/Toudja Aqueduct it was originaly Build by romans 145 AD to supply the city with water, like i told you befor.. the whole of algeria is a museum, so be ready to explore amazing antiquities.

This is how it was in the …

Your First Step to Travel to Algeria: Visa To Algeria.

First of all You are requiered to get a Tourist Visa in order to Travel to Algeria, but what do you need in order to get that?

1/ an Original Passport, signed, with at least 6 months validity.

2/ Two ( 2) Visa Application Forms, Electronicly Typed, Completed, And Signed you can get it from here : application forms .

IMPORTANT: Application forms must be fully completed, no field                                         should be left out blank.
Under marital status, if you mark anything other than
                          "Single", you must fill in spousal information.
                          Applications with missing information will be delayed. 

3) Two (2) recent photographs passport size. (2 x 2 in)
     (no laser copies!, white background ) 4) A copy of the flight itinerary
( Do Not Purchase a ticket until the visa is granted ) 5) Proof of accommodations, ( the Embassy Requires original document for tourist), or Confirmed hotel reservations.
6) Return Postage, a return airway bil…

what Can you Expect getting of Your Trip to Algeria?

Algeria has many Touristic Zones to visit All over The Country, so your Traveling Schedule in the Country will be pretty Busy, and specialy Full of wonders and Great adventures, with 174 of Tourist Expansion, spread all over Algeria.

Algeria has taken a big step when it comes to get hotels, Bangalows and villas ready for Touristic Needs, so you can find Hotels where ever you go in the Country, i suggest you take a Look here in this website you can chose any Hotel, in any city in Algeria : .

(Constantine's Marriot 5 stars Hotel)
Beautiful Ancient Cities and Heritage that would make you want to come back to this place Again!  for Example the Casbah of Algiers, or Swika Of Constantine ( both ottoman ancient cities still populated !) 

Every City in Algeria Has somthing Special About, Constantine with Bridges, Algiers with its white houses, Bejaia with its Amazing Nature, The kabylie with Great Mountains... and More TO discover  !! 

Djanet and Tamanrasset …

Is it Safe to Travel to algeria?

Do you want to travel to Algeria but you are scared of putting your self in a harm's way?
Traveling the world is a great thing to do, as it forge youth and makes you feel alive, but sometimes it is dangerous, because there are places where you can get badly Hurt, and Algeria is NOT one of these places where you Can get Hurt, why?
Good Question, You will find alot of Mainstream media and Governements telling you algeria is a dangerous place for tourists due to terrorism ... but that was a long time ago, 10 years ago, there is no Terrorism threat nowdays in algeria, as it has been eradicated, and it is safe like never befor to be in that country, alongside that the police in algeria are well known to be helpful and nice to tourists, and people will guide you and help you with anything you need, like anything, never hesitate to ask for help in Algeria people there love to be helpful and to give, especialy with foreigners in need of help, thats somthing you will find defntivly amazing…

Why Should you Travel to Algeria?


Algeria is well known for being the largest country in Africa, with its great geographical diversity, Algeria can be considered a continent in its self, either you want to visit the Northern part to discover the Mediterranean sea, or the unique cities of algeria that have a special charisma such as Algiers ( the capital), Constantine, Or Oran, these are the Three Bigest Cities in Algeria, and finaly to go to the South where you can find  the largest desert in the world, with amazing different kinds of rocks, sund, And the most Beautiful Sunset in the world ( according to UNESCO) , and we will talk alot about the Saha desert and its Amazing views, and places to go.

Algeria's People Are a mix of Berbers ( the Original people of north Africa ) and Arabic, you are going to be amazed with their cultural diversity among a one single country, with a rich list of dishes and recipes, cloths, languages ect...

the historical part of this Country is so rich that you can wri…