Is it Safe to Travel to algeria?

Do you want to travel to Algeria but you are scared of putting your self in a harm's way?
Traveling the world is a great thing to do, as it forge youth and makes you feel alive, but sometimes it is dangerous, because there are places where you can get badly Hurt, and Algeria is NOT one of these places where you Can get Hurt, why?
Good Question, You will find alot of Mainstream media and Governements telling you algeria is a dangerous place for tourists due to terrorism ... but that was a long time ago, 10 years ago, there is no Terrorism threat nowdays in algeria, as it has been eradicated, and it is safe like never befor to be in that country, alongside that the police in algeria are well known to be helpful and nice to tourists, and people will guide you and help you with anything you need, like anything, never hesitate to ask for help in Algeria people there love to be helpful and to give, especialy with foreigners in need of help, thats somthing you will find defntivly amazing about algerian people and their culture.

Add to that that Algerian Military is one the strongest in Africa, well organised, 500 000 armed man ready to protect anyone in the algerian Territory agains any Threat, with a success rate of 99 % when it comes erradicating Terrosim, and it actualy succeded 10 years ago doing so, and it is still killling every ISIS terrorist atempts accessing the country.

Also people in Algeria are mainly Peacefull people, and it is sad to say that this lesson of "peace befor anything else" was learnt by the hard way, when the algerian people had to live in a civil war that was alike what is Happening to syria right now and that was in the late 90's, so no matter what happens in algeria people will chose to avoid anyharm and go for the peacefull choice.


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