Why Should you Travel to Algeria?


Algeria is well known for being the largest country in Africa, with its great geographical diversity, Algeria can be considered a continent in its self, either you want to visit the Northern part to discover the Mediterranean sea, or the unique cities of algeria that have a special charisma such as Algiers ( the capital), Constantine, Or Oran, these are the Three Bigest Cities in Algeria, and finaly to go to the South where you can find  the largest desert in the world, with amazing different kinds of rocks, sund, And the most Beautiful Sunset in the world ( according to UNESCO) , and we will talk alot about the Saha desert and its Amazing views, and places to go.

Algeria's People Are a mix of Berbers ( the Original people of north Africa ) and Arabic, you are going to be amazed with their cultural diversity among a one single country, with a rich list of dishes and recipes, cloths, languages ect...

the historical part of this Country is so rich that you can write hundred of books about it... From the romans, passing by the Arabs, Turks, France, algeria has it all, You can find all of their traces all around this multi-cultural Country, one of my favortie places in Algeria are the Ancient Roman Ruins ( Timgad , Djemila, Tiddis, Tipaza... ) what is great about these ruins, is that they are vast, preserved roman towns, you can Almost feel  you are still in the roman empire times.

The security situation in algeria, what ever you hear in news or anywhere else about algeria being a dangerous place, i guarantee you, that it is totaly wrong, Algeria had a rought past with civil wars and terrorisme, and that was a hard lesson for everyone in this country to choise peace over anything, besides that the people in algeria are really nice and you will certainly find warm welcome everywhere you go.

Considered Traveling to Algeria?


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