Places to Visit in Algeria : Constantine.


Famous for its dramatic bridges, the eastern Algerian city Constantine has elegant residential blocks at the edge of the gorge. Constantine, Algeria's third city is one of the grand urban places in Algeria, made by nature but embellished by man.
"you cannot introduce Constantine. It introduces itself “So wrote Malek Haddad famous algerian writer. If you want to discover the secrets of its beauty just be the lucky visitor. However Constantine is known for its andalo-arabian music called malouf.
The city was originally created by the Phoenicians, who called it Sewa (royal city). Later it was renamed Cirta, by the Numidian king Syphax, who turned it into his capital. The city was taken over by Numidia, the country of the Berber people, after the Phoenicians were defeated by Rome in the Third Punic War. In 112 BC the city was occupied by Jugurtha. Later, with the removal of King Juba I and the remaining supporters of Pompey in Africa (c. 46), Julius Caesar gave special rights to the citizens of Cirta, now known as Colonia Sittlanorum. In 311, during the civil war between emperor Maxentius and Domitius Alexander (a former governor of Africa), the city was destroyed. Rebuilt in 313, it was subsequently named after emperor Constantine the Great, who had defeated Maxentius. Captured by the Vandals in 43 2, Constantine returned to the Byzantine Exarchate of Africa from 534 to 697. It was conquered by the Arabs in the 7th century, receiving the name of Qusantina. Geography
Constantine is situated at 640 meters (2,100 ft) above sea level. The city is framed by a deep ravine and has a dramatic appearance. Constantine is very picturesque with a number of bridges over Rhumel river and a viaduct crossing the ravine. The ravine is crossed by seven bridges, including Sidi M'Cid bridge. What are the means of transport in the city? Tramway to move from the ancient city to the modern, taxi collective or individual equipped by a speedometer to discuss the rate before moving . Teleferic where you can see awesome views, buses are not for tourists What can you see? This beautiful city has fantastic sights, all visitors find them unique

Tiddis: Hovering on a barren mountain slope, some 30km from Constantine, the ruined Roman town of Tiddis is the most impressively situated of all Algeria's Roman sites. The Romans arrived during Augustus, built much of what can now be seen in the 3rd century AD, adapting their fundamental rule of town planning. Museum of Citra; Highlighting the numerous finds from excavations in and around Constantine and nearby Tiddis, there are some stunning pieces in this museum. The highlights including seated terracotta figure from a 2nd-century BC tomb and an exquisite marble bust of a woman known as the 'beauty of Djemila'. Also worth finding is the beautifully cast bronze sculpture of winged 'Victory of Constantine', found by soldiers while excavating the streets of the Casbah in 1855.The museum also houses a small collection of paintings by Algerian and French Orientalists

The palace of Ahmed Bey: The palace of Hajj Ahmed, the bey or ruler of Constantine from 1826, is one of the finest Ottoman-era buildings in the country. With a series of courtyards surrounded by tiled arcades, it is filled with gardens of palm and orange trees, and decorated with Tunisian and French tiles and murals depicting Ahmed's pilgrimage to Mecca. Ahmed’s enjoyment of this wonderful place was short-lived. Two years after he moved in, the French chased him out and turned the palace into their headquarters and with independence the Algerian military moved in and set up camp. Nowadays the palace is open for visitors all the day.

The Sidi M’Cid Bridge The Sidi M’Cid Bridge, also known as the Suspended Bridge, its image defining the city. It is a 164m-long, opened to traffic in April 1912. The bridge links the Casbah to the slopes of Sidi M’Cid hill. Views of town and the gorge, 175m below, are stunning.Unfortunately, the bridge has gained a local nickname, The Suicide Bridge, as it seems that the majority of Constantine's suicides take place here. Of all the dramatic bridges that cross the Oued Rhumel, the Mellah Slimane Bridge, some 100m above the water? Stretching 125m long and 2.5m large, it joins the train station with the centre of the old town and, vertigo sufferers will be delighted to hear, you can feel it wobble as you cross. It’s safe and excited.

The Mosque of Emir Abdelkader: The city’s most prominent monument – you will see its high minarets as you approach the centre – is the Mosque of Emir Abdelkader. The project started in 1968 as a desire to build a mosque capable of accommodating 10,000 in its prayer hall, but when the then president Houari Boumediene became involved, it grew into the current, ambitious building: one of the world’s largest mosques and Algeria’s first modern Islamic university.

Monument of death: if you visit Constantine, do not forget the monument of the death, dedicated to the Constantine dead of the first war! A breathtaking panoramic view over the gorges the air is very cool and the view is beautiful, secure. It allows contemplating the city and its surroundings in serenity. Activities to do

Visit all places described in previous, enjoy time walking in its seven bridges ,Take a look to casbah of the city without forgotten to visit Bardo Street where you find interesting arts and crafts that reflect the traditional side of the city . Purchases

Constantine has many shops and stalls offering many traditional items. You will inevitably bring back embroidered velvet, artisanal specialty of the city, as well as jewels. Many craft shops also offer pottery, leather goods and various objects made of copper or brass. Gastronomy and recipe

Algerian food is simple to make, colorful and nutritious, considered among the healthiest cuisines in the world. Constantine has taken its place in Algerian kitchen. chorba (traditional soup, with meat vegetables, tomato, spices, vermicelli), boureks (consisting of minced meat and potatoes with onions and fried eggs, rolled in briks (special preparation) and fried).The dishes: chehchouka the most delicious dish that you can ever taste, couscous, steamed semolina served with lamb or chicken, cooked vegetables, and gravy alternatively, couscous can be served sweet, flavored with honey, rechta (semolina, chicken, turnips and chickpeas), tajines(zeytoun,choua..), mechoui often prepared over in open fire and served with bread cakes: Makroudhs (cakes of semolina filled with dates soaked in honey), gazelle horns, griwechs (serves with sesame and honey) baklawa… Health problem

For any emergency call 14.

Hospital in Constantine:Ben Badis Hospital one of the greatest hospital in Algeria Private polyclinics where you find excellent doctors

Hotels The city of Constantine has a wide range of hotels of different categories thus offering a consistent choice for all (5stars )Hotel NovotelHotel IbisHotel CirtaHotel Panoramic Hotel of Princes Hotel Youghourta Mariotte hotel the last building and the most comfortable one it has high quality of offers where you can make yourself pampered like a star by taking advantage of the exclusive service of this Hotel. Featuring a bar, restaurant, a spa center and a seasonal outdoor pool, Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. All rooms have a flat-screen TV and a coffee maker. Some have a seating area. Hair dryer and complimentary toiletries are provided.

Constantine-Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport, the closest to Constantine Marriott Hotel, is 6 km away.

to summ it all here is a small video of constantine as seen from the skies:


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